The Huron-Perth Period Poverty Taskforce is planning a FREE menstrual product pilot project at local libraries this Fall

October 10, 2023

Huron County, Ontario – The Huron-Perth Period Poverty Taskforce is hosting a pilot project designed to address Period Poverty in the Huron-Perth region beginning October 16, 2023.  During this pilot project, select locations, including all library locations in Huron and Perth Counties, will have menstrual products available in washrooms to all students, visitors, and patrons for FREE.

“Providing affordable solutions to help people manage their periods comfortably and hygienically is absolutely necessary,” said Beth Rumble, Director of Cultural Services and County Librarian for the County of Huron. “This pilot project will not only fill a gap and ease a financial burden for many families, it also addresses the subject of menstruation head on and without stigma.”

“Period Poverty” is a term that refers to the lack of access to menstrual products due to cost or other barriers.  Research indicates almost two thirds of people who menstruate in Canada have missed work or school because of lack of access to necessary hygiene products.  Due to stigma surrounding menstruation, these issues are often not discussed.

It is the goal of the Task Force to ensure equitable access to quality menstrual supplies for all who need them. This pilot project represents one of the initiatives currently being undertaken by the Task Force.  The group will also engage in a range of activities, from resource sharing to improving access to current supply, to advocating for broader, more systemic long-term solutions for Huron and Perth.

The Huron-Perth Period Poverty Taskforce includes representation from:

  • United Way Perth Huron;
  • Huron Women’s Shelter;
  • Optimism Place;
  • Perth County Information Network;
  • Huron County Library;
  • Avon Maitland District School Board; and
  • more.

To learn more about the Huron-Perth Period Poverty Task Force and the upcoming pilot project, please visit the End Period Poverty page on Huron County Connects:

Period Poverty Task Force Contact Information

Huron County Library | Beth Rumble | 519.482.5457 x2208

Perth County Information Network | Shauna Costache | 519.271.0220 x114

United Way Perth-Huron | Ryan Erb | 519.271.7730 x222

Optimism Place | Jasmine Clark | 519.271.5310 x112

Huron Women’s Shelter | Emilie Hogan | 519.441.1449


For more information contact:

Beth Rumble, Director of Cultural Services
519.482.5457 (ext 2208)