Take Action Report

The Sustainable Huron  Take Action Report was developed through the participation of more than 1,200 Huron County residents, including 54 community groups. It was accepted by County Council as a framework document on June 2, 2010.

Achieving the goals for Sustainable Huron will involve all members of the community.

Principles of Sustainability

  1. Recognize the interdependence of environmental, economic, and social health
  2. Invoke local responses to broader issues
  3. Emphasize community awareness, education, and involvement

The Take Action Report contains a series of community based actions to move towards a sustainable future. The following ten theme areas, or goals, were identified by the community:

  1. Diverse and Prosperous Economy
  2. Transportation Network
  3. Agricultural Strength and Diversity
  4. Energy Conservation and Generation
  5. Livable Communities
  6. Healthy Natural Environment
  7. Population Growth and Diversity
  8. Vibrant Downtowns
  9. Community Needs and Spirit
  10. Healthy and Active Communities

A strategy for sustainability must be balanced, thoughtful, and planned. It is an intentional approach to understand the three spheres – Environment, Society & Culture, and Economy – and identify directions which incorporate all three.

Community Partners

  • Local municipalities
  • Service clubs
  • Industry associations
  • Government agencies
  • County departments
  • Business associations
  • Volunteers
  • Environmental groups
  • Schools & universities