Environmental Assessments

Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Schedule ‘B’
County Road 83 – Replacement of Two Bridges in 2021

Huron County has initiated a study for the following locations. This study is intended to address the current deficiencies based on the latest inspection reports, and to enhance safety and adequacy of present and future traffic flows for the below locations:

Black Creek Bridge
For the detailed design of the replacement of Black Creek Bridge. The structure is located on Huron County Road 83 approximately 0.4 km east of Parr Line.

Ausable 1 Bridge
For the detailed design of the replacement of Ausable 1 Bridge. The structure is located on Huron County Road 83 approximately 0.9 km east of Airport Line.

The Ontario Environmental Assessment Act (the Act) sets out a planning and decision-making process so that potential environmental effects are considered before a project begins. The purpose of the Act is to provide for the protection and conservation of the natural environment (R.S.O. 1990, c.E.18, s.2). The Municipal Class EA process is followed for common types of projects to streamline the review process while ensuring that the project meets the requirements of the Act. It involves detailed site-specific information gathering and studies, as well as consultation with the public and stakeholder agencies. The aforementioned projects are being carried out as a Schedule ‘B’ undertaking. Schedule “B” projects have the potential for some adverse environmental effects and are subject to the screening process, involving mandatory contact with directly affected public and relevant review agencies, to ensure that they are aware of the project and that their concerns
are addressed.

Subject to funding, comments received and obtaining the necessary approvals, Huron County intends to proceed with the planning and design of the project.
Huron County intends on having a Public Information Centre (PIC). The PIC will have an open house format, during which the Project Team will present conceptual design information relative to the project and address any questions or concerns.
If you would like to provide us with your comments, require additional information, or would like to be placed on the project mailing list, please contact one of the following Project Team Members below:

Cameron Harper, P.Eng.
Engineering Project Manager – Bridges
County of Huron
1 Court House Square
Goderich, ON N7A 1M2
Tel: 519-524-8394 x3332
E-mail: charper@huroncounty.ca

Sarjoon Elawar
Project Coordinator
The Greer Galloway Group Inc.
Consulting Engineers
1620 Wallbridge Loyalist Rd
Belleville, ON K8N 4Z5
Tel: 613-966-3068 x396 E-mail: selawar@greergalloway.com

Cty Rd 83 EA- Notice of Commencement Schedule B