Sustainable Huron

sus.tain.abil.i.ty (noun): social, economic and environmental practices that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Sustainable Huron is a community-wide initiative intended to raise awareness and foster action to enhance community capacity in the face of global issues. Local communities will be affected by changes in: climate, energy prices and supply, demographics, international competition and other trends.

  • For RESIDENTS sustainability begins in your home and neighbourhood
  • For COMMUNITIES sustainability means being connected, self-sufficient, resourceful and resilient; qualities which enable Huron communities cope with change
  • For the Corporation of the County of Huron sustainability calls for community engagement, informed decision making and evolution

A strategy for sustainability must be balanced, thoughtful, and planned. It is an intentional approach to understand the three spheres – Environment, Society & Culture, and Economy – and identify directions which incorporate all three.

The Take Action Report is a plan created by the community to achieve the collective vision for the sustainable future of Huron County.


  • pdf
    Community Sustainability Plan: Final
  • pdf
    Take Action Report: Final
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    TDM Plan Display
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    Transportation Demand Management Plan