Transportation Demand Management Plan

The Huron County Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Plan addresses the unique transportation needs of the County and its local municipalities. This plan and strategy was developed for the County by the MMM Group.

The TDM Plan and Strategy assesses travel needs of Huron County residents, visitors and employees. It identifies ways to respond to these needs, reduce daily kilometres travelled by single-occupant vehicles and provides ideas for developing sustainable transportation within the county.

The plan identifies 28 recommendations and five pilot projects in response to current needs, issues and priorities of Huron County.

The TDM Plan will assist Huron County in moving toward the vision to “have a transportation network providing multi-modal options, such as walking, cycling, roads, rail, water and air transit that meets the needs of the entire community.”

Transportation was one of the goals identified in the County’s Take Action Report.

The full report can be downloaded from the link on the right, or specific chapters are available for download, as outlined below.

Transportation Demand Management Plan Chapters
Implementation Plan (PDF, 1 page)
Executive Summary (PDF, 2 pages)
Table of Contents (PDF, 5 pages)
1 Study Background & Information (PDF, 11 pages)
Defines TDM, outlines benefits and ways to implement such programs.
2 Developing Transportation Demand Study for Huron (PDF, 43 pages) 3.5MB
Describes the proposed TDM strategy; how information was gathered; indicators and analysis of information; consultation process; mission, vision and goal of study; limitations and recommendations.
3 Implementing Transportation Demand Study for Huron (PDF, 30 pages) 2.5MB
Described comprehensive and concise plans to improve TDM opportunities throughout the County.
Appendix A: Background Information Report (PDF, 30 pages) 2.5MB
Appendix B: Assessment of Community Transportation Service Expansion in Huron County Final Report (October 2010) (PDF, 52 pages) 1.4MB
Appendix C: Online Questionnaire Results (PDF, 18 pages) 1.2MB
Appendix D: Draft Pedestrian & Cycling Charters (PDF, 6 pages)
Appendix E: RideShark Draft Program (PDF, 18 pages) 2.9MB


For more information on the Transportation Demand Management Plan contact one of the following:

Sandra Weber
Senior Planner
Huron County Planning & Development Dept
57 Napier Street
Goderich, ON N7A 1W2
Phone: 519.524.8394 ext. 3
Fax: 519.524.5677
Dave McLaughlin, MCIP, RPP
Senior Project Manager
MMM Group Ltd
100 Commerce Valley Drive West
Thornhill, ON L3T 0A1
Phone: 905.822.4211 ext. 6520
Fax: 905.882.7277


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