Provincial Offences Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a service that lets individuals and businesses pay their tickets online using a secure Internet portal. This service is provided in partnership with the Royal Bank of Canada and Teranet Enterprises Inc.

I need more time to pay my fine. What can I do?

If you require more time to pay your fine you may apply for more time by completing a Motion for Extension of Time to Pay Fine Time To Pay form. The form will be given to the Justice of the Peace and they will either grant or deny your application. The ORIGINAL form will need to be filed with the Court Office at 1 Courthouse Square, Goderich, Ontario. YOU MUST CONTACT THE OFFICE AFTER FILING TO VERIFY THE OUTCOME OF YOUR APPLICATION. If the extension is denied, it is important to pay your fine within the allowable period or enforcement procedures will occur.

Can I pay a parking ticket in this office?

Parking tickets may be paid, until 75 days after the offence date, at the local municipal office where the ticket was issued. After this time, you are automatically convicted; a $16 cost will be added to the set fine and the total payable amount must be paid at the County POA office at the Courthouse in Goderich. If you fail to pay your ticket, the Ministry of Transportation will deny your plate renewal until outstanding fines are paid and your fine total will include an additional $40 plate denial cost.

How can I get my driver’s licence reinstated?

Failure to pay Part I, Part II, or Part III offences will result in the suspension of your driver’s licence plus an additional $40 fee, added to your fine. The Ministry of Transportation will notify you of your suspension by a letter. To reinstate your licence you must:

  • Pay all outstanding fines in full
  • Provide proof of payment to any Ministry of Transportation office and pay their $180 reinstatement fee, as outlined in their notification letter
  • Wait to receive your reinstated driver’s licence in the mail, it takes 3 to 4 working days to be re-instated
  • Check with the Ministry of Transportation, before you start driving, to ensure that everything went through properly

What does it mean when I receive a ticket (Part I offence) with a court date written on the bottom of my ticket but no fine amount?

When there is no fine amount written on the ticket, you must appear in court on the date and time assigned. Failure to attend could result in a trial being re-scheduled without your presence or a conviction being registered. You should always follow the instructions on the ticket for the option you wish to make, and act promptly. If you don’t answer the ticket in the time allowed, and it relates to a charge under the Highway Traffic Act, your driver’s license can be suspended.

Why are there two amounts on my ticket?

The set fine and the total payable appearing on the bottom of every ticket are two different amounts. The set fine is the regulated amount for the offence and the total payable amount includes a Victim Fine Surcharge. This surcharge is imposed by the Provincial government and is added to every fine given under the Provincial Offences Act.

How do I file an appeal of the Court decision?

You must file an appeal within 30 days of the conviction date. The fine must be paid in full or if not, an application to file an appeal without paying the fine must be completed. If the time to file the appeal has expired (30 days from date of conviction), you must also complete and file an Application for Extension of Time to Appeal form.

NOTICE – Regarding Part I and II Appeal Matters:

Effective December 1, 2008 Provincial Offences Act (POA) Part III appeals must be filed with the:

  • Provincially administered Ontario Court of Justice, if the trial was presided over by a Justice of the Peace.
  • The Superior Court of Justice (SCJ) if the trail was presided over by a Judge of the Ontario Court of Justice (OCJ).

Appeal forms and information can be obtained at either the POA or OCJ offices. Fine payments will ONLY be accepted at the POA office and requests for transcripts MUST be made at the POA Office. PLEASE NOTE: These changes do not affect processes that deal with the Ontario Court of Appeal.

How can I reopen my matter?

If you are convicted in respect of a ticket without a hearing, you can apply to have your conviction struck out and a new trial rescheduled. A Justice of the Peace can strike out your conviction if he or she is satisfied by your sworn affidavit that you were unable to attend the hearing or a meeting with the prosecutor, where applicable, through no fault of your own, or that a document relating to the offence was not delivered. You must make your application within fifteen (15) days of becoming aware of the conviction at the POA Office.

Where can I receive more information on the Court process?

The Ministry of the Attorney General has prepared a Guide for Defendants in Provincial Offences Cases. This guide provides defendants with general information about the court process for provincial offences cases. It does not cover every circumstance that might arise in all cases.