Standing Committees

Huron County Council uses a standing committee structure to facilitate the decision making process. Each standing committee meets monthly to discuss the respective areas they represent. At these committee meetings, staff makes recommendations to the committee members who in turn make recommendations to County Council.

CommitteeCommittee Members
Huron Perth Public Health BoardJim Fergusson, Dave Jewitt, Bernie MacLellan, Myles Murdock
Library BoardWarden Glen McNeil, and Councillors Jim Dietrich (Chair), Doug Harding

Non Council members: Judy Cairncross (Vice Chair), Tim Collyer, Nicole Jutzi, Nick Kester, Patricia Smith


  • Huron Clean Water Review Committee – Councillors Jim Dietrich, Jamie Heffer
  • Huron County Accessibility Advisory Committee:
    • Voting Members: Warden Glen McNeil (Chair), Councillor Robert Fisher, Lorie Falconer, Laurie Jacques, Debbie Kerley, Glen McLachlan, Charlene O’Reilly, Julie Sawchuk (Vice Chair), Kathleen Sebastian
    • Non-Voting Members: Susan Cronin, Hanna Holman, Carol Leeming, Rebekah Msuya-Collison, Jenny Zimmer
    • Ex-officio member: Warden Glen McNeil
  • Huron County Audit Committee: All Members of Huron County Council, (1) Citizen – Ron Burt
  • Huron County Economic Development Board:
    • Council Representatives: Warden Glen McNeil, Past Warden Jim Ginn, Councillor Bernie MacLellan
    • Representatives Not Members of Council: Brad Chandler (Vice Chair), Liz Ihrig, Leanne Kavanagh, John Kiser, John Marshall (Chair), Jason Oud, Tim Prior, Bryan Vincent
  • Huron Heritage Fund: Councillors Bernie Bailey, Jim Ginn
  • Huron Stewardship Council: Councillor Paul Klopp
  • Huron Sustainability Plan Steering Committee – Councillors George Finch, Dave Jewitt
  • Local Immigration Partnership – Councillors John Grace, Paul Klopp
  • Natural Heritage Plan Advisory – Councillors Jim Fergusson, Roger Watt
  • Water Protection Steering Committee – Councillors Jim Fergusson, George Finch, Jim Ginn, Jamie Heffer, Myles Murdock