County of Huron Approves 2024 Budget

March 6, 2024

Huron County, Ontario – On March 6, the County of Huron Council passed its annual municipal budget in the amount of $52,826,607.00 resulting in a 5.54% levy increase for 2024.

Each year, Huron County Council reflects on the current and future needs of the community and sets priorities through Strategic Planning Sessions.  The resulting priorities, along with detailed reports from senior staff, and a recent corporate-wide Service Level Review, helped guide the development of the County’s 2024 budget. Many current economic issues identified in Council’s strategic priorities, such as supportive and affordable housing, infrastructure improvements, and asset management have been considered in this year’s budget.

“Huron County Council works with staff to carefully balance the budget to ensure fiscal sustainability while maintaining essential and valued services,” said Warden Glen McNeil. “The 2024 budget was carefully evaluated and deliberated for the benefit of all Huron residents.”

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