Line Painting

The Public Works Department works hard to keep our roads in superior condition.Line painting on roads is an important highway safety initiative. Lines are used to give motorists messages about allowable or prohibitive driving procedures. Because the safety of all motorists is important, the lines on area roads are repainted each year.

Line painting is a moving operation; there is a paint truck with a crash truck following behind when it is taking place. Flashing lights and LINE PAINTING – WET PAINT signs are mounted on the back of equipment to warn motorists that line painting is being done.

Paint can take more than 5 minutes to dry depending on weather and surface conditions. When conditions are poor, painting is put on hold until conditions improve.

Line Painting Tips for Motorists

  • Slow down – vehicles usually travel about 13-15 km per hour so please slow down and be patient when warned of work ahead
  • Keep back – stay at least 8 to 10 car lengths behind line painting equipment to avoid running over wet paint; paint spray guns are two inches off the roadway surface and cannot spray a vehicle
  • Don’t pass – never pass a paint truck unless instructed to do so by a police officer or a Huron County Highways staff member; the paint truck will pull over to allow cars to pass when conditions are safe to do so

Removing Paint From Vehicles

If you do get paint on your vehicle it should be removed as soon as possible. Paint used for line painting is a water-based paint and can be removed with household cleaning products. Dampen a cloth and soak the paint to be removed with cleaning products such as Simple Green, Purple Power, or WD40 and then power wash your car at a car wash.