Nutrition Month: It’s About How You Eat, Not How Much

February 26, 2019

Healthy eating has more to do with how we eat, not how much we eat.

March is Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is “Unlock the Potential of Food.” The Huron County Health Unit encourages everyone to celebrate the potential of food to fuel us, to bring us together and to discover food in new ways.

Similar to the recently released Canada’s Food Guide, this year’s Nutrition Month campaign encourages people to think more about how they eat.

“Healthy eating is so much more than the foods we eat,” says Public Health Dietitian Amy MacDonald. “There is no one-size-fits all approach to nutrition. What works for you will vary based on your life, hunger, food, and preferences. Your individual needs change throughout your life.”

What stays the same throughout life is the potential of food to fuel, bring together and discover. Instead of thinking of foods as good/bad or healthy/unhealthy, MacDonald encourages everyone to look at the potential of food to:

Fuel Us

Food fuels our bodies, minds, feelings, and social interactions. Developing a positive relationship with food is important. Nutrition does matter, but we also need to recognize the psychological aspects of food and eating.

Bring Us Together

Food is fuel, and it’s also social. Being able to come together to eat and enjoy meals with others is an important part of healthy eating. Sharing meals allows you to connect, share traditions, learn and communicate.


To discover new foods, children use their sense of touch, smell and sight, but they can also cook and grow food, and when they are ready, they will taste. People at any age can get involved in the kitchen. Gaining food skills throughout life is a great way to foster a healthy relationship with food.

MacDonald points out that there is a lot of confusing nutrition information on websites, social media, and among family and friends. If you have specific nutrition questions, consider talking to a registered dietitian to get a personalized answer. Contact your healthcare provider to learn where registered dietitians are available in your area.

Nutrition Month is celebrated every March by the Dietitians of Canada and their partners. Learn more about the potential of food at


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