Huron-Perth Dietitians Day: A Focus on Mental Health and Nutrition

March 31, 2017

Huron County, ON – Each year, March is celebrated as Nutrition Month by Dietitians of Canada. The theme for 2017, Take the Fight out of Food, is meant to help Canadians learn to enjoy food and the eating experience.

In honour of Nutrition Month, the Huron-Perth Dietitians Network hosted an education day on March 29th at the Huron County Health Unit. This year’s event included speakers focusing on mental health and nutrition, followed by an expert panel discussion. Topics covered include body positivity, weight bias, eating disorders, and the relationship between food and well-being.

The event was attended by over 40 health professionals, many were Registered Dietitians working in hospitals, community centres, family health teams, and public heath sectors across Huron and Perth counties.

Public Health Dietitian Elizabeth Higgins says nutrition is such an important topic for all people and the link to mental health is significant. “What we eat can affect how we feel, and how we feel can affect what we eat. Hunger isn’t the only reason we eat- we eat when we’re happy, stressed, or depressed, too. Understanding our own eating cues is an important step toward having a healthy relationship with food.”

Higgins says it’s important to focus on adding healthy behaviours, instead of limiting them. “For example, try a recipe, cuisine, or fresh vegetable you haven’t tried before. There’s room for all foods in a balanced, healthy diet. When we focus on cutting out or restricting certain foods, we lose out on the enjoyment and pleasure that goes into eating.”

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