Huron and Perth Health Units to Talk About Potential Merger

March 18, 2015

Huron County, ON ― The Huron County Health Unit and Perth District Health Unit have both agreed to discuss the potential of a merger between the two Health Units.

A working group, which will include representatives from the Boards and senior staff from each Health Unit, is being created to begin the discussions and decide whether to proceed with a firm proposal. “The talks are in the very early stages,” says Tyler Hessel, Chair of Huron County’s Board of Health.

While financial implications will be considered, the initial discussions will focus foremost on whether there is a shared vision between the two Health Units that could be strengthened by an amalgamation, and if the service to communities would be improved by a merger.

The idea of amalgamating the Huron and Perth health units has been raised in the past, notably in the Revitalizing Ontario’s Public Health Capacity report in 2005, and as recently as last year. At this time, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has expressed interest in reviewing public health organization in the province, which indicates the provincial context may now be favourable to an amalgamation.

“The Huron County Health Unit works successfully with Perth District Health Unit on many initiatives now” says Hessel. “Exploring amalgamation will give us the opportunity to see whether public health services in Huron County would be best served by a merger with Perth.”

The working group will provide regular updates to Health Unit staff and the public as their discussions proceed.


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