High-risk Groups Priority For Flu Vaccines

October 7, 2014

Huron County, ON – The Huron County Health Unit has launched its new website, with dedicated sections for professionals and an anonymous question-and-answer feature for the general public.

“Our new website design makes it easier to find the public health information you need,” says Communications Coordinator Rita Marshall. “We’ve also added features to meet the specific needs of Huron County residents and professionals.”

The new “Ask a Pro” feature lets visitors ask anonymous questions and receive answers from a public health professional. Answers are shared on the Ask a Pro archives.

New sections have also been created specifically for healthcare providers, educators and business owners.

The home page at huronhealthunit.ca offers quick links to the latest news and recalls, as well as links to the Health Unit’s social media pages.

“We are proud to present our new website and features to Huron County residents,” says Marshall. “This site will continue to be your trusted link to public health information.”

Visit the site at huronhealthunit.ca.


Our media contact is: Rita Marshall, Communications Coordinator, Huron County Health Unit, 519.482.3416 or toll-free 1.877.837.6143 ext. 2023 or rmarshall@huroncounty.ca

Our spokesperson is: Rita Marshall


For more information contact:

Susan Cronin, County Clerk
519.524.8394 (ext 3257)