The County of Huron thanks Huron County paramedics during Paramedic Service Week

May 21, 2024

Huron County, Ontario – Paramedic Services Week 2024, which takes place from May 19 to 25, is an opportunity to recognize the tireless work and dedication of Huron County paramedics. Huron’s 108 paramedics, along with supervisory and administrative staff, form an integral part of the County’s emergency preparedness and response team.

“Huron’s Paramedics are always there when we most need them, going above and beyond to keep us safe” said Huron County Warden Glen McNeil. “I am immensely grateful for paramedic team and this week is a chance for us to thank them and to recognize their unwavering commitment to keeping our community safe and healthy.”

This year’s Paramedic Service Week theme is “Help Us, Help You”. Community members can support local paramedics by having well-lit house numbers and driveways, clearing sidewalks from snow and ice, and learning what is or is not a 911 emergency. By working together, these actions can significantly help paramedics in their critical work and contribute to a safer community.

The County of Huron’s Emergency Services team, including paramedics, provides emergency medical care and coordinates emergency response efforts with other local emergency service providers, such as 911 dispatch, fire services, and local law enforcement, to ensure help is available when it’s needed most. This team of compassionate professionals provides critical services and care that prevent human fatalities and stabilize life-threatening injuries for the community. Huron County’s paramedics respond to approximately 10,000 calls annually.

The County of Huron is sincerely thankful to this team for their commitment, compassion, and dedication.


For more information contact:

Glen McNeil, Warden
519.524.8394 (ext 3224)