Huron County urged to stand firm and keep following public health direction.

October 5, 2020

Huron County, Ontario – The County of Huron commends its residents for the consistent carefulness and kindness they’ve shown as every person and place continues to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Huron County can attribute its current low case numbers to the fact that this community has continued to show respect and diligence in following public health and safety protocols. This performance by Huron County residents and business owners is the reason that local businesses, community centres and schools have been able to safely reopen and continue operating.

While the case count for COVID-19 remains steady for Huron County, it is undeniable that the risk is increasing as cases rise across the province.

“I know it’s been many months of responding to this crisis and we may feel fatigued or confused by all the rules to follow. But know that you, and every single resident of Huron County, are making a difference,” said Warden Jim Ginn. “I am so grateful to live and work in a community that is committed to doing ‘the right thing’. In the past six months, we have proved over and over again the resilience of Huron County and that this community looks out for one another.”

As local services like libraries and arenas begin to reopen, and people start to spend more time in indoor settings over the colder months, it is essential that we continue to respect all public health guidelines, including performing hand hygiene, practicing physical distancing, wearing masks, following social gathering mandates, and staying home if ill.

“As we prepare ourselves for a second wave, I’d like to extend a huge thank you to our essential and front line workers. These people have not had a break and are the backbone of responding to this virus,” adds Warden Jim Ginn. “I ask these workers to keep up the great work, keep persevering and that Huron County residents show their support by continuing to follow public health guidelines. We all still have a long road ahead.”

It’s these actions, as individuals and collectively, that have maintained the strong focus of health in Huron County. Let’s continue to keep each other, neighbours and the community safe for the uncertainty to come.

Stay informed on the COVID-19 situation in Huron County by visiting the Huron-Perth Public Health website at


For more information contact:

Jim Ginn, Warden,
519.524.8394 (ext 3224)