Pesticide Use


Huron County intends to spot spray Phragmites in rural areas within the County right-of-way in the following locations:

Mill Road (CR 3) from Hwy. 21 to Kippen Road (CR 12)
Mt. Carmel Drive (CR 5) from Bronson Line (CR21) to Hwy. 4
Crediton Road (CR 10) from Grand Bend Line (CR 81) to Hwy. 4
Hern Line (CR 11) from Thames Road East (CR 83) to Hwy. 23
Bayfield Road (CR 13) from Hwy. 21 to Hwy. 4
Cutline Road (CR 18) from Hwy. 21 to Parr Line (CR 31)
Parr Line (CR 31) from Cutline Road (CR 18) to Zurich-Hensall Road (CR 84)
Thames Road E. (CR 83) from Hwy. 4 to Perth County Boundary
Zurich-Hensall Road (CR 84) from Hwy. 21 to Hwy. 4

Phragmites identified along the right-of-way locations noted above will be spot sprayed using the herbicides:
• Roundup WeatherMAX Group 9 Herbicide containing the active ingredient Glyphosate Registration NO 27487 under the Pest Control Products Act.
• MSO with Leci-Tech Adjuvant containing the active ingredient Methylated seed oil of soybean 70% Registration NO 28385 under the Pest Control Products Act

This work is being undertaken, as permitted, under subsection 7.1(2) of the Pesticides Act, the exception for the promotion of public health and safety and Ontario Regulation 63.09 section 16(c). The destruction, prevention or control of plants, fungi, or animals that affect public works.

Phragmites are being controlled as growth of this plant within the right-of-way reduces sight-lines and has a negative impact on storm water drainage.

Anyone not wishing to have the roadside adjacent to their property treated for Phragmites should contact Nathan Schoelier (Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority) at 519-235-2610.

Commencing August 31, 2020 weather permitting and ending approximately October 2, 2020 by Ausable Bayfeild Conservation Authority.

For information call: (Collect Calls Accepted)
Mike Hausser                                                                                        Nathan Scholier
County of Huron                                      Or                                       Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
Public Works Department                                                                 519-235-2610
1-888-524-8394 ext. 3280