Pedestrian Crossovers

There’s a new crosswalk design in Huron County and it’s called a “crossover”. This new design is being used in communities across Ontario to make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross the street.

A pedestrian crossover consists of a ladder design marking the crossing area, and a line of white triangles indicating where cars are to stop.

A pedestrian crossover

The new design standardizes the look, markings and expected use of crossovers. It also standardizes the consequence for drivers who make a crossover-related offense – up to a $500 fine and 3 demerit points. Drivers must stop at the yield line and wait until the pedestrian has finished crossing the road before proceeding.

You’ll recognize a crossover by:

  • Ladder markings
  • Yield line (shark teeth markings)
  • A “pedestrian” sign (and depending on the community, it may or may not have a flashing light, too)

Here’s how to use them:


  • Stop behind the yield line when a pedestrian has indicated they want to cross
  • Make eye contact to ensure the pedestrian sees you
  • Wait until the pedestrian completely crosses the road
  • Failure to give the right of way to the person wanting to cross can result in a fine up to $500 and 3 demerit points


  • Push the button to indicate you want to cross
  • Wait for traffic to stop in both directions
  • Make eye contact to ensure drivers see you
  • Cross when it is safe to do so


  • When riding with traffic, follow the rules for drivers
  • When crossing, dismount and walk your bike across, following the rules for pedestrians