Community Paramedicine Program

The Paramedic Referral Program is a clinical initiative of the Huron County Community Paramedicine Program. Its primary goal is to refer patients observed as having a high risk of adverse medical outcomes to the Home and Community Care Team (LHIN). This allows individuals to receive the most appropriate care available outside the Emergency Department.

It is widely acknowledged that certain conditions can be dealt with safely and appropriately outside the Emergency Department allowing patients to remain in their homes reducing the use of Paramedic Services and Emergency Department services.

Referral Process

The referral process is guided by an evidenced-based clinical prediction tool called PERIL or Paramedics assessing Elders at Risk for Independence Loss. This tool filters patients through a set of general questions. These questions identify those at high risk for adverse outcomes after a paramedic visit. Referrals also come directly to the team from Family Health Teams, Independent Physicians and Huron Perth Public Health.


Link to the referral form:

Referral Form – Community Paramedicine Program

Link to the Community Paramedicine Survey

Community Paramedicine Survey 2020