Cool Aid Program

Cool Aid cards are designed to go on your fridge.

Paramedic Adam Robinson showing one of the Cool Aid cards.

Huron County Paramedic Services is distributing information cards that will assist paramedics provide vital care in the early moments of an emergency.

The card is designed to host health information including an individuals drug prescriptions, dosage, known allergies, medical history and emergency contact phone numbers. Each person writes their own health information on the card. They then attach the card to the fridge by the magnet on the back cover. This way the paramedics always know where to look for the card.

Why the name?

It is called the Cool Aid program to remind people that the card is meant to be placed on the fridge. The card’s front cover flips closed so personal information can be kept private from guests.

Who should fill out the card?

Huron County Paramedic Services would like to see anyone living in our communities with a pre-existing medical issue fill out these cards. Individuals that are taking any type of prescription medication should have one posted on their fridge.

Where to find these cards?

Residents can find these cards at any pharmacy that operates in Huron County. Most family health teams also have these cards available.