Consents / Severances

A land severance is the authorized separation of a piece of land to form two new adjoining properties. This is commonly known as a land severance but more formally it’s called a consent.

Local municipal official plans contain specific land division policies. Making changes to your existing property through the division of land, rights-of-way or easements may also require land severance approval. Who approves a severance application depends on whether it is considered “disputed” or “undisputed.” Undisputed applications are approved by Huron County’s Planning Director or their alternate and meet three criteria:

  1. are recommended for approval by the local municipality,
  2. have no unresolved concerns/objections from the public or agencies, and
  3. conform with the planning documents (such as the Provincial Policy Statement and official plans).

Disputed applications are those that don’t satisfy 1 or more of the the above criteria. Decisions on disputed applications are made by Huron County’s Committee of the Whole Day 1 Committee.

There is an application form and fee required with this process.


  • pdf
    Consent (Severance) Application Form
  • pdf
    User Guide to the Surplus Residence Severance Process