EarlyON Programs

All Huron County Early ON Child and Family Centre programs and services are cancelled starting March 16, 2020 until further notice.


The Child and Family Centres and Community EarlyON sites are a place where parents and caregivers of children (from birth to six years of age) can:

  • Participate with their children in a range of age appropriate programs and activities.
  • Discover answers to questions on child development.
  • Find information about programs and services that are available for young children and families in their area.
  • Talk to EarlyON Professionals, as well as other parents and caregivers in their community.

EarlyON professionals offer a variety of free programs and services throughout Huron County. EarlyON programs provide play based learning for children and their parents and caregivers through play, song, games, sensory and creative experiences. These opportunities allow children to develop their social and emotional skills, reach developmental milestones and begin their journey of lifelong learning.

In addition to our programs being welcoming, fun and interactive; they teach parents new activities to do at home to enhance their child’s development. At an EarlyON program, parents and caregivers have opportunities to ask questions about their child’s development, learn about childcare options and car seat safety, borrow a resource book or video on parenting skills, and borrow books and activities for their children.

EarlyON programs also offer a wide range of Parenting Sessions. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Mother Goose (Songs and Rhymes for newborns to 12 month olds)
    • Circle of Security Parenting
    • Family Math
    • Alphabet Fun
    • Toilet Learning

There are currently over 30 programs a week in a variety of convenient locations through the County. Join our Facebook page by searching Huron EarlyON, and visit our website for the most up to date program calendars.

For more information on EarlyON programs or FAQ, please contact Huron County Children’s Services at 519.482.8505 or toll free at 1.888.371.5718. The EarlyON administration offices for the County of Huron are located in the Jacob Memorial Building, 77722D London Road, RR#5 Clinton Ontario. N0M 1L0.