Costs & Subsidy

Subsidized Child Care in the County of Huron

Families living in the County of Huron may qualify to have the full or partial amount of their childcare costs paid by the County of Huron if funding permits. This can be arranged when childcare is provided at a licensed childcare centre or an approved home provider.

Generally, childcare costs are the responsibility of parents or legal guardian. Childcare subsidies are available to families living in Huron County that meet certain employment and financial qualifications. Eligibility is determined by guidelines set by the Ministry of Education – Early Learning Division.

Parent(s) or legal guardian can apply when:

  • The child is under 12 years old in a licensed childcare program or approved home child care.
  • A school age child is enrolled in an approved recreation program.

To qualify, parents or guardians must be participating in one of the following approved activities:

  • Employed and working full or part time.
  • Educational or training program.
  • Employment assistance activity as approved under the Ontario Works program.
  • Parent of a special needs child (medical, delays in development, social and emotional concerns) referred by a professional working with the family.

Financial eligibility for child care fee subsidy is based on family net income.  Applicants must have filed last year’s income tax return and can verify family net income with a current Notice of Assessment (NOA) or Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) Notice from the Canada Revenue Agency

Check our Calculator to see if you’re eligible for Child Care Subsidy
For more information, FAQ, and instructions on how to apply for childcare subsidy, please contact Huron County Children’s Services at 519.482.8505 or toll free at 1.888.371.5718.

*Please note at the time of your call, you may be subject to a fee subsidy wait list.