New Programs this summer at Huron County Library

June 14, 2017

Heat up your summer by joining the Adult Summer Reading Program at Huron County Library

For many years local libraries have offered a Summer Reading Program for children and this year they are excited to announce that adults will now be able to join in the fun!

The program has been designed to be very fun and accessible to all. Participants only need to read four books over the summer. Participants choose from six fairly broad subject categories that have been provided so there is a lot of freedom to still read what interests you while also stretching your comfort zone a bit.

“It is about more than just letting adults in on the fun (although that is a large part of it). It’s also about modelling positive behavior. If we are expecting our children and youth to continue to read over the summer, adults can also show that reading is fun and enjoyable for everyone.” (Beth Rumble, Branch Services Librarian)

The program will run from July 1 – August 31. At the end of the program, anyone who submitted their contest log sheet will be entered to win the grand prize – a $50 gift card to Chapters Indigo plus 6 books that fit each of the reading categories. To ensure no one gets a head start, the log sheet won’t be revealed until July 1st. Those wishing to participate should keep an eye on our social media pages and website. Log sheets will also be available in all twelve library branches.

In addition to the Adult Summer reading program, the library will once again be offering the TD Summer reading program for children ages four to twelve. Register at your local branch early as spaces do fill up.

Another new addition to several library branches this summer are container gardens! In partnership with the Healthy Kids Community Challenge, local libraries plan to get children excited about the full lifecycle of a vegetable. Opportunities to participate in growing, maintaining and eating vegetables will occur over the next several months as the produce ripens. Vegetables will be freely available to any member of the public wishing to enjoy the harvest. Container gardens are located at Exeter, Clinton, Goderich and Alice Munro library branches. Don’t forget that these branches, as well as Kirkton, Bayfield and Brussels, also offer a seed library lending free seeds for your own garden.

Over the summer months the library will have over 75 programs and events happening at their library branches, including several special ones to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Check out the library guide available through their website, request a to receive seasonal digital copies by emailing, or follow them on Facebook @HuronCountyLibrary or Twitter @huroncountylib to stay up to date on the latest and greatest from Huron County Library.


For more information contact:

Beth Rumble, Branch Services Librarian
519.482.5457 (ext 2292)