How Can I Help My Library?


Our donors help the Huron County Library to enhance the programs and services it offers the community. Every gift will be acknowledged and a receipt for income tax purposes will be issued for donations of $20 or more.

Donations help to purchase books and other materials for the library, as well as furniture and equipment. Sometimes the value of your donation is doubled with grants. Staff at your local library can tell you about their wish lists. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to issue receipts for gifts of materials (books, magazines, etc).

Please make cheques payable to Huron County Library, and present them at your favourite branch library or send your cheque to:

Huron County Library
77722B London Road
Hwy 4 South, RR 5
Clinton, ON N0M 1L0

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library are people who are dedicated in supporting the activities and goals of the Huron County Library and its branches. Friends contribute their time and expertise to make their libraries a great place in their community.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend, please contact any of the following branches for more information – Bayfield, Blyth, Exeter, Goderich, Howick, Wingham or Zurich.

Tribute Gifts: A Lasting Memorial

Give your friends, family or colleagues a unique and meaningful gift to mark the special times in their lives, and recognize the important role libraries play in people’s lives. Christmas, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, promotions, and retirements are all wonderful opportunities to show that you care. Your public library offers you an alternate way to mark these special occasions and benefit your community for years to come.

By making a cash donation to the materials budget, you will allow us to increase the books available at your local branch library. You can even pick the subject area; for example, to honour a retiring president of a horticultural society, a gardening book might be selected. Library staff can also select, on your behalf, an appropriate hardcover book to complement both the occasion and the branch collection.

Each gift of $35 will be recognized through a bookplate in the name of the recipient. A gift of $70 will be recognized with two bookplates, $100 with three bookplates and so on. Acknowledgement of your gift will be sent to the recipient.

Please submit a Tribute Gift Form to the library to make your Tribute Gift today.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Adopt a magazine

Sponsor a magazine or newspaper subscription for a year or two for your local branch library. Your sponsorship will be recognized with a tax receipt and plaque.

Programs, Equipment & Renovations

Service organizations periodically help bring summer reading programs to children in their communities. These projects promote literacy by encouraging children to read during the summer months. Weekly programs feature stories, songs and crafts carefully designed to exercise reading skills.

A donation of $150-$250 can sponsor a children’s performer such as a musician or storyteller during March Break. (Prices vary by performer. Library staff can find out the exact fee of a particular performer). Donations of any amount however are welcome for the purchase of craft supplies to be used with our preschool storyhour programs.

Programs, equipment, and library renovations are the most popular activities for service club sponsorship.

If you or your service club is interested in sponsorship opportunities please contact us.