Loans & Fines

Loan Periods

Item Type Loan Period Renewal Loan Period
Most items 3 weeks (21 days) 2 renewals (equal to loan period)
High Demand Items
(Best Sellers, etc.)
2 weeks (14 days) No renewals


Item Type Fine per day Maximum Fine
Most items $0.25/day $10.00 Adult Borrower
$5.00 Child Borrower
Interlibrary Loan (ILLO) items $1.00/day $10.00 Adult and Child Borrower
Item Type Fine
Lost or Damaged Materials List price of item
Minor Damage (item still usable) $2.00
Lost or Damaged Interlibrary Loan (ILLO) items Amount is set by the lending library
Failure to pick up an Interlibrary Loan (ILLO) item $5.00/item
Lost Interlibrary (ILLO) pink bookmark $2.00
Replacement Library Card
(for a lost or stolen card)
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