Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms at Huron County Library

Virtual Meeting Spaces

**New bookings of Virtual Meetings Spaces is currently on hiatus. Please contact the branch manager of your local library branch for more information.**

Huron County Library now provides the ability for you to have your next meeting online. To book your virtual meeting, click here and fill out the form provided. Please allow 2 business days for a response.

Virtual meeting spaces will be offered Monday to Friday 8:30AM to 5:00PM. Meetings will booked in 1.5 hour time slots.

You must be 18 years of age or older to book a virtual meeting room.

For any questions, please contact or check out the FAQ here.

Meeting Rooms in Library Branches

All Huron County branches have meeting rooms available for study, workshops, non-private small meetings, tutoring, programs and events. These rooms are available for rent per the following:

Rate Rate for Non-Profit Rate for County and Community Partners
During Library Hours Booking $10/hour  No Charge  No Charge
After Library Hours Booking $40/hour**

**if a library staff person is needed and no arrangement with municipality


*requires approval

**if a library staff person is needed and no arrangement with municipality

 No Charge

*requires approval; please inform staff if a library staff person is needed, and if there is no arrangement with municipality

Cancellation If you need to cancel a booking, please let the branch know as soon as possible, so that others have the opportunity to use the room.

Cancellation fees applicable if the applicant cancels.
For after hours bookings (based on calendar days):
7 days’ notice – no charge
1-6 days – 50%
Under 24 hours – full cost

Some of our branches do not have specific meeting rooms available, but have space that is appropriate for small group meetings but privacy cannot be guaranteed. These spaces can be used for a variety of needs such as tutoring, small (non-private) meetings, programs and events. Contact the branch for more information.

Wireless Internet is available in all Huron County Library spaces.

Prior to booking at Meeting Room, please refer to the Library Meeting Room Policy for more information.

Meeting Rooms

Alice Munro Public Library
Dimensions  21′ x 25′ (plus a small stage area)
Room Capacity  70
Tables and Seating  51 chairs, 4 small tables, 2 large tables
Kitchenette  Ample counter space, Keurig® coffee machine, sink
Technology  Projector and screen
Booking Procedure  Contact Alice Munro Public Library at 519.357.3312 or by email at



 Bayfield Branch
 Dimensions  18′ x 20′
 Room Capacity  20 to 25
 Tables and Seating  8 tables, 20 chairs, 3 bar stools
 Kitchenette  sink, Keurig® coffee machine, kettle
 Technology  projector; screen; podium with microphone
 Booking Procedure  Contact Bayfield Branch Library at 519.565.2886 or by email at

*After hours booking can be arranged with Bayfield Branch staff; for first time bookings, there is a 72-hour approval process.

Other information There is a separate entrance to the meeting room for after branch hours access.



Brussels Branch
 Dimensions  24′ x 24′
 Room Capacity  40 to 50 audience layout; 20 to 30 banquet layout
 Tables and Seating  40 chairs, 6 tables depending on need
 Kitchenette  off meeting room; includes stove, fridge, microwave, percolator, counter space and sink
 Technology  Projector available from Brussels Branch; screen located in meeting room
 Booking Procedure  For programs/meetings taking place during branch hours, contact Brussels Branch at 519.887.6448 or by email at

For programs/meetings taking place outside of branch hours, contact the Municipality of Huron East, at 1.888.868.7513 to arrange the booking and access to the building.

Other information For bookings after branch hours, there is a $20/hr fee payable to the Municipality of Huron East.



Goderich Branch Large Meeting Room
 Dimensions  17.5′ x 33′
 Room Capacity  30 to 35
 Tables and Seating  5 tables, 27 chairs
Kitchenette  counter space, sink
 Technology  Screen; projector (on ceiling; remote for the projector is kept at the circulation desk)
 Booking Procedure  Contact Goderich Branch at 519.524.9261 or by email at Please be sure to specify “Large Meeting Room”



Goderich Branch Patterson Room (Small Meeting Room)
 Dimensions  10.5′ x 11.5′
 Room Capacity  6 to 8
 Tables and Seating  2 tables, 12 chairs
 Kitchenette  None
 Technology  None
 Booking Procedure  Contact Goderich Branch at 519.524.9261 or by email at Please be sure to specify “Patterson Room/Small Meeting Room”



Howick Branch
 Dimensions  15.5′ x 23′
 Room Capacity  20
 Tables and Seating 2 tables, 18 chairs
 Kitchenette  counter space and sink
 Technology  None
 Booking Procedure  Contact the Howick Community Centre at 519.335.3883
Other information Meeting room is only available outside library hours



Zurich Branch
Dimensions 14′ x 20′
Room Capacity 20
Tables and Seating 4 tables, 20 chairs
Kitchenette Counter, small microwave, small bar fridge, kettle, Keurig coffee maker
Technology Large flatscreen TV, with USB ports
Booking Procedure Contact the Zurich Branch at 519.236.4965
Other Information Room is available during library open hours as well as after hours. To learn more about booking the room after hours, contact the branch.



Hensall Branch
Room Dimensions 20′ x 20′
Room Capacity 20
Tables and Seating 1 wooden table, folding tables and chairs available on request
Kitchenette None
Technology None
Booking Procedure Contact Hensall Branch at 519.262.2445 for use during library hours
Other Information The Huron Heritage Hall can be booked, as well as the hall upstairs, for use outside of library open hours. For more information, contact by email at:



Exeter Branch Children’s room
 Dimensions  unknown (this room can be closed off, can be considered semi-private, and used for small groups and programs.
 Room Capacity  25
 Tables and Seating  1 child-sized table: seats 6; 1 child-sized round table: seats 4; adult-sized folding tables and chairs available; 3 folding tables are available to be set up anywhere in the branch; approx. 40 plastic chairs for additional seating
 Kitchenette None; Office kitchenette is available for program/food prep and clean up. Sink, microwave and mini-fridge area available in the office.
 Technology  Projector and screen are available
 Booking Procedure  Groups are welcome to use the library space for events, programs and meetings that are open to the public. Contact Exeter Branch at 519.235.1890 or by email at
Other information There is a 2-hour limit on closed-door use of this space as it houses  a part of the children’s collection.


Libraries with no private Meeting Rooms, but offer public space.

Kirkton Branch

Kirkton Branch is located in the Kirkton-Woodham Community Centre.

The branch does not have space that can be booked, but there are two rooms and a kitchen that can be booked through Kelly Ward, Facility Contact, at 519.229.6786 or by email at

Photos of the space and fee information can be viewed at

Seaforth Branch

The Seaforth branch does not have a program room, but does have a space in the Children’s Library. This space is 30′ x 20′.

There are 3 tables, 4 benches and 23 chairs available in this space. This area is not private, yet meetings are held in the space.

Clinton Branch

There is no meeting room in Clinton branch. There are areas where programs and meetings can be held.

Blyth Branch

There is no meeting room in Blyth branch. There is some space that can be used for programs and small meetings.