Virtual Meeting Spaces Guidelines

With new technology and the opportunity to meet virtually anywhere, including our homes, there are things to take into account before joining the Virtual Meeting Space. The Huron County Library has prepared the following guidelines to help ensure your meeting is secure, private, and a success.

Guidelines for Virtual Meeting Space Use:

1. All Participants using the space must adhere to the Huron County Library Rules of Conduct and Community Room Policy

2. The Zoom Meeting hyperlink and Zoom attendee instructions will be provided to the host. The Host (person booking the Virtual Meeting Space) will ensure the Zoom meeting hyperlink, Virtual Meeting Space Guidelines, and instructions are shared through email with participants of the meeting only. For security reasons the Zoom meeting hyperlink is not to be shared publicly, posted to social media, or published.

3. The meeting Host should arrive 15 minutes before the meeting and must be present before participants are admitted.

4. Library staff will provide the Host with an orientation to the essential Zoom meeting tools and security features.

5. All participants will be required to enter the Zoom Meeting password to enter the Virtual Meeting Space.

6. The Zoom Waiting Room feature will be used to exclude uninvited guests.

7. Please identify yourself upon entering the Virtual Meeting Space. Participants who do not identify themselves before entering or upon entering the Virtual Meeting Space will be transferred back to the Waiting Room until they can be identified.

8. The Zoom Private Chat and Recording features will be disabled.

9. Once the meeting participants have arrived, the Host will Lock the Zoom meeting.

10. Once the Host and participants are ready to begin the meeting, Library staff will leave the Virtual Meeting Space.

11. If joining the meeting from home it is recommended that participants attend from an appropriate room, for example a space like a home office, family room, or kitchen, also please think about what other participants can view and hear.

12. Not all participants have access to private space; therefore it is recommend that if you use headphones if possible.

13. Be aware that the Zoom Text Chat can be viewed by everyone.

14. To manage background noise, and as a courtesy to others, please mute your microphone unless you are talking.

15. If joining the meeting by phone long distance charges may apply.