Family Histories

Family Name Title Library Type
Adamson, Archambault, Elliot, Ennis, Hall, Irish, Turnbull Goathill Trail Cottage History 1934-2004, by George E. Speers. Goderich Book
Cameron Malcolm Cameron, M.P. and Malcolm Colin Cameron, M.P., by Esther Wilson. Goderich Book
Cantelon, Webster The Tipperary Websters, by Mrs. Mervyn Lobb. Goderich Book
Cooper History of the Cooper Family. Clinton Book
Diehl My Diehl Ancestors, by Ida Gertrude (Diehl) Woods. Clinton Book
Handford Our Handford Family, 1808-1987: descendants of Richard and Dorothy Handford, Canadian pioneers from Devonshire, by Dorothy M. Hibbert. Exeter Book
Hogg James Hogg family history, compiled by Norman Jolly. Exeter Book
Lawson A Lawson Lineage from Huron County, by Doris Warren. Clinton Book
McCurdy Archibald McCurdy, 1790: Ireland family tree, by Beulah Mitchell Stewart. Exeter Book
McIlveen & Aitken Thomas Arthur McIlveen and Louisa Isabella Aitken, by Pat Depew. Goderich Book
McLeod Descendants of Donald McLeod (1825-1896). Goderich Book
McVeety & McVittie The McVeetys and the McVitties in Ontario 1820-1980, compiled by David Stager. Clinton Book
Rorke-Cuninghame Pioneer Families of Upper Canada: Rorke-Cuninghame, by Edward Cuninghame Rorke. Clinton Book
Southcombe George Milton Southcombe: His Dad, His Mom and His Kid, published by John and Verla Southcombe. Clinton Book
Wild A Family Called Wild, by Dr. Jim Wild. Goderich Book