Strategic Plan 2018-2023

Guiding Principles for Huron County Library

Huron County Library has adopted the following vision, mission and values statements as guiding principles to delivering library services in Huron County.


Huron County Library is an inclusive and vibrant community hub. It builds community, enriches lives and fosters creativity by providing access to information, skills and ideas.


Huron County Library provides the community with inviting and accessible facilities, engaging virtual spaces, comprehensive collections and user-friendly technology. Welcoming and knowledgeable staff and volunteers provide innovative services and programs that contribute to community vitality.


  • Inclusive and equitable access for all
  • Literacy and lifelong learning
  • Intellectual freedom and protection of privacy
  • Customer services
  • Community focus
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Accountability, integrity and teamwork
  • Balancing tradition and innovation
  • Embracing a changing world

Goal 1: Deliver services, programs and collections that meet community needs


Delivery of core services will be strengthened and duplication reduced.

Objective Action Plan Who When
Introduce new collections/stay relevant Develop action plan for non-traditional collection lending at Huron County Libraries BSL/CIL 2018
Focus on people-centred service delivery Develop and implement programs based on community hub model BSL/CIL 2018
Ongoing maintenance of core services Develop collection maintenance strategy and plan (including migration to floating collections) Deputy CEO 2018
Ongoing maintenance of core services Implement collection maintenance strategy and plan (including migration to floating collections) Deputy CEO 2019
Evaluate programs in a meaningful way to determine if desired outcomes are achieved Research and implement outcome based evaluation practices BSL/CIL 2020


Goal 2:  Deliver innovative and reliable technology that supports and enhances library service and programs to meet community needs.


Ensure technology is up to date and services are relevant to for all ages and communities throughout Huron County.

Objective Action Plan Who When
Online Program Registration Work with OLC and SirsiDynix, Userful to find an appropriate program online to facilitate ISL 2019
E-Commerce (fines payment/program registration fees, etc.) Work with OLC and SirsiDynix/County of Huron ISL 2021
Online library membership sign up & renewal Continue to work with OLC/SirsiDynix, and work with County of Huron IT to help implement on County website as well as Enterprise ISL 2018
Investigate self-checkout machines (in comprehensive branches, as space allows) Research machine types, costs, etc. (consult OLC/Deputy County Librarian/County of Huron IT, etc.) and determine suitability ISL 2020
Keep existing public and staff technology as up-to-date as possible Develop IT plan for introducing new technologies at Huron County Library branches as informed by communities ISL 2018
Prepare for ILS changes Ongoing staff professional development (both internal and external) relating to Integrated Library System TSC Ongoing
Develop staff skills and abilities in order to maintain support for new technologies Identify team members that have the interests in developing these skills and provide support, as available BSL Ongoing


Goal 3: Promote and strengthen partnerships with community members and organizations in order to better understand and respond to community needs and initiatives.


Position the library as a strong partner to local community initiatives.

Objective Action Plan Who When
List of partnerships Develop comprehensive list of existing community partnerships BSL/CIL 2018
Develop criteria Develop criteria for assessing existing community partnerships BSL/CIL 2018
Evaluation Evaluate partnerships to determine effectiveness BSL/.CIL 2019
Determine gaps Determine gaps in existing community partnerships BSL/CIL 2019
Develop strategies Develop strategies for promotion of effective community partnerships BSL/CIL 2020
Develop agreement Develop partnership agreement with Huron County Museum in relation to special projects and shared staffing CEO 2018
Develop agreement Develop partnership agreement between Huron County Library and external partners including volunteers BSL/CIL 2018
Share volunteers Develop partnership with Huron County Museum and HAHN in relation to volunteers BSL 2019


Goal 4:  Build relationships with funding sources to maintain and improve practices and services.


Ensure long-term sustainable funding.

Objective Action Plan Who When
Increase profile Develop marketing and lobbying strategy for library BSL 2021
Increase profile Implement marketing and lobbying strategy for library BSL/CIL 2022
Increase profile Ongoing participation at Council meetings CEO Ongoing
Increase profile Participation in networking opportunities with funders, as available CEO Ongoing


Goal 5: Promote and strengthen library culture of teamwork and collaboration.


Increase capacity.

Objective Action Plan Who When
Increase participation at both Museum and Libraries Library card partnership with Huron County Museum CEO 2018
Information sharing Coordinated all-staff day annually or biennually CEO Ongoing
Support ongoing collaboration Ongoing support for programming and innovation team committees All Ongoing
Focus on information sharing Participation in Cultural Services/Museum staff meetings CEO/Deputy CEO Ongoing
Support ongoing collaboration Ongoing support for regular team and leadership meetings All Ongoing
Support good communication and ongoing collaboration Ongoing use of CountyNet as platform for promotion and sharing ideas All Ongoing
Build capacity and support information sharing Develop plan for voluntary branch exchanges of staff CIL 2020


Goal 6: Create dynamic spaces that are accessible, welcoming and safe for patrons.


Ensure libraries are accessible, welcoming, safe and relevant to their communities.

Objective Action Plan Who When
Improve accessibility Develop strategy for ensuring accessible, welcoming and safe space for Clinton Library (in collaboration with Central Huron) CEO/Deputy CEO Ongoing
Maintain accessibility Evaluate library branches as related to continued accreditation of Huron County Libraries CEO/Deputy CEO 2019
Ensure sustainable facility/space improvements Develop schedule for refreshing library spaces and ensuring continued accessible, welcoming and safe spaces for patrons CEO/BSL 2019
Focus on creating multi-purpose spaces to allow for greater flexibility in meeting the needs of the community Create spaces that reflect library service demands and community use BSL/Deputy CEO 2020
Improve access Conduct audit of space and develop plan for increasing community access to facilities BSL/CIL 2018



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