Local Records and Indexes

Assessment Rolls 1866-1879, Also Insurance Plans (Complete), ClintonClintonMicrofilm
Crediton Ontario United Church, Evangelical United Brethren Records (includes Methodist Records): 1863-1954ExeterMicrofilm
Early Wesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register Extractions for Huron County: 1840-1893 (partial contents include: Ashfield, Colborne, Goderich, Grey, Hay, Howick, Hullett, McKillop, Morris, Stanley, Stephen, Tuckersmith, Turnberry, Usborne, Wawanosh)GoderichMicrofilm
Farmers’ Business Directory for the Counties of Bruce, Dufferin, Grey, Huron, Perth, Simcoe and Wellington: 1884-1885 (alphabetized by township)GoderichMicrofilm
Huron County Census: 1848, 1850, 1851, 1861, 1871 (indexed), 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911Clinton, GoderichMicrofilm
Huron County Census: 1851, 1861, 1871 (indexed), 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911Exeter, WinghamMicrofilm
Huron County Census: 1842, 1851, 1861, 1871 (indexed), 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911SeaforthMicrofilm
Huron District Assessment Returns: 1842 – 1848 (incomplete: missing 1846)GoderichMicrofilm
Huron Surrogate Court Records: 1855 – 1967GoderichMicrofilm
Hurondale Women’s Institute, Usborne Township, Huron County County: no dates providedExeterMicrofilm
Index to Ontario Vital Statistics: Births: 1869 – 1908, Marriages: 1869 – 1923, Deaths: 1869 – 1933GoderichMicrofilm
Marriage Registrations: Bruce & Huron Counties (assorted records covering 1831 – 1869)GoderichMicrofilm
Methodist and Presbyterian Records for Bayfield, Ontario: 1857 – 1971.ClintonMicrofilm
Registers and Temporal Books for St. Andrew’s United Church, BayfieldClintonMicrofilm
United Church Financial Reports for Crediton, Ailsa Craig, Brinsley, and Shipka: 1917-1954ExeterMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Minute Books, Belgrave, Huron West: 1915 – 1960, 1961 – 1981.WinghamMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Minute Books, Blyth, Huron West: 1910 – 1946, 1947 – 1979.ClintonMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Minute Books, Clinton, Huron West: 1922 – 1983.ClintonMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Minute Books, Wingham, Huron West: 1924 – 1952, June 1952 – 1981.WinghamMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir Histories & Minute Books, Brussels / Majestic Branch: no date provided.SeaforthMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir Histories, Wroxeter Branch: no date provided.WinghamMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir History, Belgrave, Huron West: 1974 – 1983.WinghamMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir History, Blyth, Huron West: 1967 – 1983.ClintonMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir History, Clinton, Huron West: 1950 – 1967ClintonMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir History, Dashwood, South Huron District, Vol.1ExeterMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir History, Fordwich, Howick, Huron West: no date provided.WinghamMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir History, Hensall Branch: no date provided.ExeterMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir History, Wingham, Huron West: 1903 – 1983.WinghamMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir History & Scrapbooks, Elimville Branch, 1948-1988.ExeterMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir Histories, Ethel Branch: no date provided.WinghamMicrofilm
Women’s Institute, Molesworth Branch: 1992 – 2004WinghamMicrofilm
Women’s Institute Tweedsmuir History, Molesworth Branch: 1800 – 1992WinghamMicrofilm