Accessibility at Huron County Library

Photo: Courtesy of Exeter Advocate

Photo: Courtesy of Exeter Advocate

Accommodating accessibility needs at the libraries across Huron County is a very important priority and thanks to a generous donation from the Exeter Optimist Club, the Exeter Branch Library has purchased two pieces of equipment for readers with special needs.

A closed circuit television magnifies print in books, newspapers, prescriptions etc. The user is able to increase font up twelve levels, stretch font, choose either a positive or negative image and choose from five different colours. The user can also increase the size of a photographic image. It is an excellent tool for individuals with macular degeneration or other visual impairments. The CCTV sits on an adjustable table so that you can use it either standing or seated and is wheel-chair accessible.

Another feature at the Exeter Library is a computer reserved for individuals with special needs. It has a large print keyboard, an ergonomic mouse and a sound blaster with earphones for the hearing impaired. It also has enlarged font for easier reading and is equipped with a printer. It sits on an adjustable table that is wheel-chair accessible.

Talking books and books on cassette for the visually impaired are available at all branch libraries. If your local branch does not have any talking books that interest you, just ask staff to request some different titles from head office. Talking book cassette players from the C.N.I.B. are also available through the library.

Foundation Grant

The Huron County Library is pleased to announce an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant for $15,000 for the purchase of materials for print challenged library patrons. Materials will include Large Print books, Audiobooks, Braille books and Visual materials (VHS and DVD).