Volunteer Policy

Policy Statement

The purpose of this policy is to define the roles and responsibilities for volunteers within the Huron County Library. It is the policy of the Huron County Library to support community volunteer participation in our organization.


A volunteer is a member of the community who agrees to undertake, without pay, a designated task that supports an organization sponsored activity.

Responsibility for Implementation

The County Librarian has the responsibility for the implementation of this policy. The on-site management of volunteers is the responsibility of the on-site library staff.


1. Objective

1.1. The objective of this policy is to effectively arrange volunteer participation under the direction and supervision of library staff in order to ensure the safety and security of clients, staff and volunteers.
1.2. To work in cooperation with recognized community organizations involved in recruiting, screening and placing volunteers.

2. Implementation and Scope

2.1. Positions to be filled by volunteers will be identified by library staff. Services may be staffed by volunteers only when such an arrangement will enhance the quality of library service.
2.2. Volunteers enhance and support organizational activities at the request of and under the supervision of staff.
2.3. Community volunteer appreciation is encouraged but remains optional.
2.4. All volunteers are required to complete a Huron County Libraries’ application form and criminal record check process; exceptions may be identified by the County Librarian or designate.
2.5. Volunteers in grades 5-12 are considered Teen Volunteers. A parent must sign the Teen Volunteer’s application form to give permission for the child’s service in the library. Teen volunteers must fill out a Teen Application and return it to library staff.
2.6. All volunteers will be given an orientation as appropriate and relevant to the policies, procedures, role, responsibilities and expectations for volunteers.


Public Libraries Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P. 44 Section 23 (4)

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Appendix A: Huron County Library Volunteer Application Form
Appendix B: Huron County Library Teen Volunteer Application Form

Approved May 19, 2010