Planning Application Fees

Planning Applications include Official Plan Amendments, Zoning By-law Amendments, Minor Variances, Subdivisions/Condominiums and Consents (Severances).

Other types of planning applications include removal of Holding (H) symbol, renewal of Temporary Use Zoning By-law, Deeming By-law, Part Lot Control Exemption, Agreements and Draft Approval Extension.

There is an application form (available online here) and fee associated with each type of planning application.

The following fee schedules were approved by County Council.


2022 FeesTOTAL
Official Plan Amendment (OPA, Local OPA, County OPA)$3,941
Zoning By-law Amendment (ZBLA)$2026
Minor Variance (1 or 2)$1575
Minor Variance (3 or more)$2026
Consent-Technical (e.g. lot additions, easements, ROW’s, Validation Certificates, re- creation of original lots, etc.)$2250
Consent-New Lot Creation (e.g. new lots, surplus farm severances)$3250
Plan of Subdivision/Condominium$9000
  • Lots/Blocks/Units over 10
add $170.00 per lot/unit/block
  • Draft Approval  extension
  • Phasing, Final Approval*
$1125 per final approval/phase*
  • Changes to a Draft Approval Plan or Conditions*

*Note: Where Final Approval, Phasing or Changes to draft plan conditions result in the creation of additional lots/blocks/units, an additional fee of $170/lot/block/unit shall apply.        (Developable lots/blocks only)

Combined Local OPA & ZBL$4954
Combined County & Local OPA$6531
Combined County OPA, Local OPA & ZBL$7601
Removal of Holding (H) Symbol


  •      If combined with a planning application and when H is imposed by the Municipality




Renewal of Temporary Use Zoning By-law$1520
By-law to Deem lots not in a Plan of Subdivision, or the repeal of such By-law **$449
  • Where combined with any other planning application
Part Lot Control **



add $170 per additional conveyable Part over 2

**applicants cover all legal costs & by-law prep
Application Re-circulation fee (resulting from a change/meeting cancellation requested by the applicant)$300
Agreements: site plan control, subdivision, condominium, development, lot grading & draining (Planning costs to be reimbursed like legal, and engineering). Application fee determined by local municipality.Cost recovery for legal, engineering and planning costs. Application fee determined by local municipality
Natural Heritage Review by County Biologist (if development is proposed within 120m of a Natural Heritage feature)
-comments on planning application




Natural Heritage Review by County Biologist (if development is proposed within 120m of a Natural Heritage feature)

-review terms of reference and EIS