Residential Intensification Guidelines

What are the RIGS?

The Residential Intensification Guidelines (RIGS) is a comprehensive document that was developed as a tool for guiding the design of residential intensification projects in the County. The document applies to all residential intensification projects in the County with an emphasis on multi-unit forms of development. The guidelines also address residential conversions and Additional Residential Units (ARUs). The goal of this document is to help address concerns and compatibility in a comprehensive manner, ensuring that developers understand the goals and expectations of the community and that the community can benefit from increased housing choices.

How will the RIGS be used?

The RIGS are primarily intended to be used by the builder and development community to guide the design of residential developments. The guidelines address a full range of design considerations including site layout, building design, parking, and landscaping. The RIGS will be used by Municipal staff when reviewing development applications. The RIGS are not intended to add time to the development process, rather the RIGS are intended to streamline the process by setting out the design expectations early on and avoiding the back-and-forth between the development community and planning staff. By setting clear design objectives and priorities early in the process, the development community will understand what Staff will be looking for when reviewing applications.


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