COVID-19 Update

Families can call the Inquiry Line for up to date COVID-19 information related to our Homes: 519.606.5005


At present, there are currently no reported cases of COVID-19 in either Huronview or Huronlea Homes.

The following preventative measures remain in place:


Enhanced active screening
  • All staff and third-party contractors are actively screened when they enter the building. If symptomatic, they cannot enter.
  • All residents are actively screened for symptoms twice a day. If symptomatic, they will be isolated and tested.
Isolation and testing
  • Residents who become symptomatic will immediately be isolated and tested for COVID-19. If a resident tests positive for COVID-19, they will remain isolated from other residents.
  • If a staff member tests positive for COVID-19, contact is traced back to prevent spread, and they will not be permitted to return to work until approved.
  • Any resident readmitted from the hospital will be tested and results received prior to returning to the Home.


Personal protective equipment for staff
  • All resident care staff will continue to wear personal protective equipment as directed by the Ministry of Health and as appropriate to their role, duties, and contact with others.
  • All staff are required to wear a surgical mask while in the building.
  • Staff continue to practice physical distancing and stringent hand hygiene.
  • The County of Huron will continue to source equipment and maintain a sufficient supply.
Essential visitors
  • Under the direction of The Ministry of Health, both Homes remain closed to visitors with the exception of essential visitors providing critical care and services or family members visiting a resident who is palliative or seriously ill.
  • Essential visitors must pass active screening and are required to wear a mask while inside.

How to determine if you are considered an essential visitor

Family members with a loved one who is at the end of their life or is very ill will be considered essential, and will be screened upon entry. If you are uncertain if this applies to you, please contact Huronview or Huronlea.

We will do all that we can to connect loved ones while these restrictions are in place, and we thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

Protocols for essential visitors

Essential visitors are limited to one person per resident at any given time and you must only visit that resident. Please do your part to protect residents from COVID-19 through safe practices of hand washing, use of hand sanitizer and by coughing or sneezing into your sleeve or tissue.

Activity on or off Huronview or Huronlea sites
  • Residents and tenants are not able to leave to visit family or friends due to risk of exposure. They must stay on the property and keep two meters (six feet) from others.
  • Only essential medical appointments will be permitted and residents will be actively screened when they return.
  • Staff with more than one job have been requested to work at only one healthcare facility during the pandemic to minimize risk of COVID-19 spread.
  • Dining services and arrangements continue to be monitored to ensure physical distancing.
Non-essential visitors: How to connect with your family member

We understand that you may want to connect with your loved one and we hope that you will. We would like to offer some support in helping you to do that. Here are a few ways to connect:

  • Send a letter by email or mail to someone who lives at one of our Homes, we will be happy to share it with them. We encourage you to send photos and pictures along with your letters.
  • For the protection of the residents and staff, window visits are suspended.
  • Email Dawn Smith, Program Manager, to arrange a video call by FaceTime or Skype with your family member.
  • Follow the Huronview & Huronlea Homes for the Aged Facebook page.
Service changes in Homes for the Aged
  • Increased cleaning and sanitation measures are in place, including common areas are being cleaned and sanitized including touchable surfaces such as door knobs, railings, mailboxes, and etc.
  • Temporarily suspended meal services to the Highland and Heartland Apartments.
  • All staff, including service people and delivery persons, entering the homes will be screened.
  • All physiotherapists working in the Homes have moved to a virtual care platform to assess and support resident care needs.
  • PTAs will be allocated solely to one facility (either Huronview or Huronlea) and will continue to provide service within the Homes.
  • Medical Directors are providing weekly virtual care rounds for residents.
  • Both Huronview and Huronlea have a tote box at the front door for dropping off items. Please label items to be delivered and refrain from bringing food items.

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