Public Access Defibrillator Program

ZOLL-AED-PLUSThe Huron County Paramedic Services Public Access Defibrillator Program (PAD) is an initiative that was started in 2007 to provide public locations with Automated External Defibrillators (AED’s). This program was sponsored by the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Ontario. This program has since moved to the national stage in early 2015. Heart & Stroke’s initiative nationally is to have an AED placed into every arena in Canada by 2018.

Huron County Program

In Huron County we are very fortunate as we have been able to place an AED into every arena throughout the County. The total amount of AED’s that we have in our program has reached 85 units. These units have been placed into public buildings such as the arena’s, libraries, municipal offices, all public/catholic schools and some County buildings.

These units are maintained by Huron County Paramedic Services. We provide a yearly inspection and service to all of these units that are in our program.

Am I liable?

Under Ontario law, the Chase McEachern Act (Heart Defibrillator Civil Liability), 2006 protects individuals acting in good faith from liability for any damages that may occur from the use of a defibrillator; this does not apply in instances where the individual is a healthcare professional in a healthcare facility.

No authorization by a physician is required to use an AED in an emergency. However, it is important that those who use the AED in an emergency to provide temporary aid be properly trained to perform the procedure effectively and not inadvertently cause harm to the patient.