SLED Program

Supporting Local Economic Development 

What is the SLED Program?

SLED (Supporting Local Economic Development) is a focused program designed to help fund projects targeting key regional economic development priorities: workforce attraction, agriculture, tourism, and investment attraction. These priorities are subject to change through an annual review process by the Huron County Economic Development Board.

The program is delivered annually, on a first come, first served basis to Municipalities and other non-profits.

No organization will be provided more than $10,000 per project through this fund. Projects must be completed in 12 months from the date of application. Money will be provided at the completion of the project following the submission of a completed project report from the applicant to the program administrator.

The 2021 program is expected to open in the spring.

Eligibility Criteria


Applications to the SLED program must meet the following criteria:

  1. The money has to be used in a way that has a clear and obvious economic impact;
  2. The direct economic impact of the project can be measured;
  3. The project includes substantial private sector participation;
  4. The applicant provides financial resources and support to the project; and
  5. The project focus on Huron County and achieve at least one of the following objectives:
    1. Grow the workforce;
    2. Create diversification of the existing agricultural industry;
    3. Creates a visitor experience with clear best-in-class potential;
    4. Development of investment attraction material or resolves investment attraction issues.
    5. Implement measures that support businesses communities in adapt to a changing business environment.

 Application Process

  1. Potential applicants should submit a brief summary to Reanne Clark, Program Administrator, in email form which outlines how their project meets the criteria.
  2. If the project meets the criteria Reanne will connect you with Rick Sickinger, Program Advisor. The Program Advisor’s role is to support the applicant by discussing how to meet the various criteria (i.e. discussing how to measure economic impact), work through any questions and provide advice during the application process.
  3. The applicant(s) will submit the final application to Reanne Clark, Program Administrator to be considered for approval by the Program Approver.

For more information please contact:

Rick Sickinger
Program Advisor
519-482-5457 ext. 2730

Reanne Clark
Office Administrator

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