SLED Program

Supporting Local Economic Development

2022 SLED Program is now CLOSED
Stay tuned for 2023 intake

What is the SLED Program?       

The 2022 SLED (Supporting Local Economic Development) program funds projects that address the strategic priorities from Huron County Economic Development’s 2021/22 Business Retention and Expansion Project including: workforce re-engagement, attraction and retention projects; business district and specific sector support programs; and placemaking, community and tourism development initiatives.

The program is delivered annually, to Municipalities and registered non-profits. Applications will be assessed on a merit basis and evaluated by a panel of local economic development professionals.


Eligibility Criteria

Applications to the SLED program must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a Municipality or a registered not-for-profit organization;
  2. Cannot be a religious or political organization;
  3. Projects must demonstrate clear and obvious economic impact;
  4. The direct economic impact of the project is measurable;
  5. Projects includes collaborative partnerships;
  6. The applicant provides financial resources and support to the project;
  7. The applicant provides recognition for the program funders, The County of Huron & Community Futures Huron.


 The project focuses on Huron County and achieves one of the priorities from the 2021 Business Retention & Expansion Project:

  1. Reengagement, attraction and/or retention of workforce;
  2. Impacts business districts and/or key sectors;
  3. Advances placemaking, community and/or tourism development.

Application Process

  1. The 2022 SLED application form is available here.
  2. To increase the chances of your application being successful in this merit based, competitive program, we strongly advise that you connect with Rick Sickinger, Program Advisor. The Program Advisor’s role is to support and coach the applicant by discussing how to meet the various criteria (i.e. discussing how to measure economic impact), work through any questions and provide advice during the application process.
  3. The applicant(s) will submit the final application to with subject line: “Applicant Name 2022 SLED Program”. Deadline to submit is May 31, 2022, 4:30 PM.
  4. The applications will be evaluated by a panel of local economic development judges. All applicants will be notified by June 10, 2022.

50% of SLED funding will be dispersed upon project approval and the remaining 50% will be dispersed upon approval of your final report.

For more information please contact:

Rick Sickinger
Program Advisor

Application Submissions