Newcomer Welcoming Week

Huron County Immigration Partnership, in collaboration with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and other Immigration Partnerships across Canada, are celebrating Welcoming Week in September.

For Huron County, Welcoming Week aims to inspire. What can we do to ensure everyone–including newcomers and immigrants–thrive and feel welcome?

In 2022, Welcoming Week is being held on September 9-18. It’s our time to unite as neighbours, friends, and colleagues, regardless of where we come from.

 If you would like to host a Welcoming Week event, please let us know and we can help you promote it. Email

Message from
Huron County Warden Glen McNeil

Our Community is Diverse!
Newcomers stories are part of our fabric 

Community Conversations

Conversations about Welcoming Communities with Gemma Mendez-Smith

Conversations about Welcoming Communities with Nev Ibrahim

Conversations about Valuing Diversity with John Grace and Leanne Kavanaugh

2021 Newcomer Welcoming Week Events

2021 International Welcoming Week Kickoff Livestream

An international kickoff event was hosted by Iranian actor/comedian Peter Banifaz. The kickoff featured stories, messages, and performances by Jackie Cox, Cary Morin, the Oakland Interfaith Youth Choir.

The event was livestreamed on Facebook or YouTube.

2021 Huron County Museum's Welcoming Scavenger Hunt

The Museum organized a Welcoming Scavenger Hunt that occurred throughout Welcoming Week.  Winners received Take and Make Craft Kits.

2021 Children’s Author Book Reading from Marswa Blossom Yarmeto

Marswa Blosson Yarmeto offered a wonderful author talk regarding her book, Black, Brown or White We All Feel!

2021 Youth GAB Session

The Newcomer Youth Gab brought newcomer youth in grades 8 – 12 together to connect with friends and their community.  Youth learned about community programs, practiced their English-speaking skills while making new friends, building connections while having fun!

2021 Adult Author Book Reading with Ann Hui

The Huron County Library hosted the insightful Ann Hui who presented an adult author talk on her book, Chop Suey Nation!

2021 Webinar: Creating More Welcoming Spaces for Newcomers

Yasir Naqvi, former Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Canadian Citizenship and former Attorney General of Ontario, discussed how rural communities could address systemic/historical racism to create more welcoming spaces for newcomers.

Watch the video here.

Citizenship Ceremony

We all have the power to welcome newcomers into our communities.

Witness a special citizenship ceremony, the first to feature the newest citizenship oath, which honours Indigenous peoples.


10 Ways to Welcome a Newcomer to Your Community

  1. Ask questions and listen to others.
  2. Diversify your news sources.
  3. Volunteer to become a newcomer host in your community.
  4. Support a small business run by a newcomer.
  5. Attend a diversity workshop or a training on inter-cultural awareness.
  6. Bring a small gift of homemade food to the home of a newcomer and introduce yourself.
  7. Attend a cultural activity or event.
  8. Donate to an immigrant settlement agency.
  9. Form a refugee sponsorship group.
  10. Be willing and interested in incorporating new things into your community to create a welcoming, all inclusive community for everyone!
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How Can We Help?

Huron County Immigration Partnership is always excited to support newcomers to Huron County. Let us know how we can help!

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