Standing Committees

Huron County Council uses a standing committee structure to facilitate the decision making process. Each standing committee meets monthly to discuss the respective areas they represent. At these committee meetings, staff makes recommendations to the committee members who in turn make recommendations to County Council.

Committee Committee Members
Board of Health Warden Jim Ginn, and Councillors Tyler Hessel (Chair), Maureen Cole (Vice Chair), Paul Gowing, Dave Jewitt, Roger Watt

Provincial Representative: Rosemary Rognvaldson

Library Board Warden Jim Ginn, and Councillors Jim Fergusson, Bernie MacLellan (Chair)

Non Council members: Judy Cairncross, Tim Collyer, Margaret Deichert (Vice Chair), Nicole Jutzi, Jerry McDonnell

Committee of the Whole Day 1 Warden Jim Ginn, and Councillors Neil Vincent (Chair), Paul Gowing (Vice Chair), plus all members of Council
Committee of the Whole Day 2 Warden Jim Ginn, and Councillors Maureen Cole (Chair), Dave Jewitt (Vice Chair), plus all members of Council

Committee of the Whole, which includes all County Councillors, meets twice monthly (usually the second and third Wednesday of each month) to consider items pertaining to Administration, Cultural Services, Economic Development, Emergency Services, Facilities, Highways, Homes, Planning and Development, Social Services & Property Services, Treasury and Human Resources.

The minutes of each committee are forwarded to County Council for adoption. County Council also makes appointments to a number of external boards, committees and provincially mandated bodies.

  • Huron Business Development Corporation – Board of Directors – Councillor Bernie MacLellan
  • Huron Clean Water Review Committee – Councillors Ben Van Diepenbeek, Neil Vincent
  • Huron County Accessibility Advisory Committee:
    • Voting Members: Warden Jim Ginn, Councillor Dave Frayne (Chair), Debbie Kerley (Vice Chair), Crystal Groom, Barbara Hicks, Laurie Jacques, Charlene O’Reilly, Julie Sawchuk, Shawn Thomson
    • Non-Voting Members: Susan Cronin, Claire Dodds, Janice Hallahan, Steve Fortier
    • Ex-officio member: Warden Jim Ginn
  • Huron County Audit Committee: All Members of Huron County Council, (1) Citizen – Ron Burt
  • Huron County Economic Development Board:
    • Council Representatives: Warden Jim Ginn, Past Warden Paul Gowing, Councillor Steffler
    • Representatives Not Members of Council: John Marshall (Chair), John Marshall, Steve Baker, James Eddington, Maureen Nummelin (Vice Chair), Peter Smith,  Martin Vanderloo
  • Huron Heritage Fund: Councillors Kevin Morrison, Art Versteeg
  • Huron Stewardship Council: Councillor Dave Frayne
  • Huron Sustainability Plan Steering Committee – Councillors Maureen Cole, Jim Donnelly
  • Local Immigration Partnership – Councillors Tyler Hessel, Kevin Morrison
  • Maple Tree Housing Corporation – Warden Jim Ginn, Councillors Jim Donnelly, Paul Gowing
  • Natural Heritage Plan Advisory – Councillors Jim Fergusson, Roger Watt
  • Water Protection Steering Committee – Warden Jim Ginn, Councillors Paul Gowing, Tyler Hessel, Art Versteeg, Neil Vincent