Climate Change

The County of Huron is committed to taking action against climate change, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation) and preparing for the future (adaptation).


In July 2019, the County joined the Partners for Climate Protection program. This program is a 5-milestone framework that helps municipalities reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As part of the County’s participation in this program, we have developed a Corporate Greenhouse Gas Inventory, which looks at energy use and emissions from our buildings and vehicles. This will allow us to create strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as monitor our progress overtime.


The County received funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, through the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program, to develop a Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan. This plan will help the County prepare for the future by ensuring that we have the resources and strategies needed to respond to climate change.

As part of this project, the County explored the possible impacts climate change may have in Huron County. These impacts were prepared in a report, as well as a graphic that summarizes the findings.

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  • pdf
    2017/18 Corporate Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  • pdf
    Climate Trends & Future Projections in Huron County
  • pdf
    Climate Projections Graphic
  • pdf
    Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan
  • pdf
    Corporate Climate Change Adaptation Plan: Framework for Consultation & Engagement
  • pdf
    Single-Use Item Reduction Strategy