County of Huron announces 2023 SLED Recipients

June 2, 2023

Huron County, Ontario – The County of Huron’s annual Supporting Local Economic Development (SLED) program had a significant response to the program this year. A modification to the funding amount allowed 16 participants to be awarded various grant amounts totaling $100,000.

The applicants had to successfully demonstrate their project would have a measurable economic impact in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Re-engagement, education, attraction and/or retention of workforce;
  2. Impacts business districts and/or key sectors;
  3. Advances community development and/or tourism sector development;
  4. Projects focused on youth and/or newcomers building a stronger sense of community

The 2023 successful applicants are:

Seaforth BIA | Lights for mural and butterfly garden. This initiative contributes to community and tourism sector development of Seaforth.

Bayfield Lion’s Club | Two Cow Barn” to display a Penhale Landau carriage brings a piece of history to the heritage downtown of Bayfield. Landau handcrafted some of the world’s finest carriages in Bayfield, bringing organizations such as Disney, Heinz, Weston Hotel and the Rose Bowl Parade to town. This initiative supports the community and tourism sectors.

Cultural Collective SH | The community exchange program is a project focused on engaging marginalized communities, youth, and newcomers of Huron County in arts and cultural programs. This initiative focuses on community development and helps youth and/or newcomers building a stronger sense of community.

Eat Local Huron | Hosting farm crawls that will engage and connect patrons to local farmers.  This initiative contributes to key sectors – agriculture that advances community development and agri-tourism sector development.

Exeter & District Heritage Fund | The Town of Exeter is celebrating its 150th anniversary bringing the community together for a four-day event. This initiative supports business districts and key sectors while advancing the tourism community.

Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health | To support the SHARP program that will provide training and skills to re-engage, educate, attract and retrain healthcare professionals in Huron’s rural areas. This initiative impacts the health care sector and focuses on youth engagement and workforce development.

Goderich Celtic Festival | To feature “Loreena McKennit” international recording artist at the 31st annual Celtic Festival.  This initiative impacts a local business district) and advances community development and tourism sector development.

Goderich Little Theatre | Festival of One Act Plays – first time for everything. This initiative contributes to business districts and advances the tourism sector and community development.

Goderich Tourism | The 3-day salt fest that features key business sectors and develops the community and tourism sector.

HC Food Distribution Centre | Welcome food boxes for newcomers to Canada is a project focused on supporting newcomers and helping to build a strong sense of community and belonging.

Huron East | A guidebook and audio component for existing walking tours will advance community and tourism sector development.

Huron Waves | The GAIA display in Exeter is an “out of this world” display that advances community and tourism sectors development.

Kingsbridge | To host a two-day event in conjunction with Taste of Huron that will impact key business sectors – agri-food and the arts – in addition to advancing the tourism sector and supporting community development.

North Huron | Wingham Art Markets is a project focused on displaying local artists and their art. The project will focus on engaging youth, newcomers, and community members to help build a stronger community.

Pioneer Park 1 | Summer of 2023 entertainment and programming that will advance community and tourism development.

Zurich Bean Festival | A roof replacement of the Bean Kitchen. This initiative will support community development and tourism sector as well as highlighting the agriculture sector.

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For more information contact:

Glen McNeil, Warden
519.524.8394 (ext 3224)