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Huron County Public Works Department

2014 Tender HC-14-905
Flat Roof Re-Construction & Related Work
At the Auburn Patrol Yard
(15,000 sq ft - main building)

SEALED TENDERS will be accepted until 4:00 pm local time on:


For the following contract:

  • 15,000 sq ft removals:
    • Existing ballast (stockpile onsite), flashing, EPDM, any insulation, and dispose of.
  • Repair existing vapour barrier as required.
  • Supply and install new roof c/w materials and specification as indicated in the tender:
    • 3.3" rigid insulation (min)
  • Type II hot asph on ex vapour barrier. Base sheet in Type II hot asph layer.
  • 1/2" fibreboard overlay
  • And Miscellaneous Related Work

Note: The existing roof is original. 33 years old. Quantities shown above may vary. Final quantities will be established prior commencement of construction.

Forms and envelopes available upon request from the office of the undersigned. The lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted.

Dave Laurie, Director of Public Works
1 Court House Square
Goderich, Ontario    N7A 1M2
Tel: (519) 524-8394
Fax: (519) 524-9291

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