Huron County congratulates Huron Tourism Association members for their service to our economy

September 28, 2016

Given the Huron Tourism Association’s decision to dissolve, the County of Huron would like to thank their members for their past efforts. The HTA has performed an important function over the years and its contributions to the tourism sector are appreciated.

Over the last two years, the County of Huron and area municipalities have developed a robust and coordinated approach to economic development. The Huron County Economic Development Strategy focuses on seven key industry sectors. Within this strategy, tourism has been enhanced to include arts and culture.

Much has changed in the way that communities and businesses promote themselves in recent years and we can anticipate that these changes will only accelerate. The Huron County Department of Economic Development, working with the Huron County Economic Development Board and industry stakeholders, are now looking at an integrated Tourism, Arts and Cultural approach. The intent is to focus on the unique benefits and attributes of the county and to have engaged participants from the private sector assisting with the development and implementation of key priorities.

Huron County offered to work through a transition with HTA that would have seen greater coordination in areas that are consistent with a dramatically changing tourism environment focused on key county and community advantages, increased use of digital analytics and marketing, and specific linking of innovative approaches to measurable outcomes. Huron County respects HTA’s decision and remains committed to working with the industry, communities and partners towards our strategic objectives.

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For more information contact:

Susan Cronin, County Clerk
519.524.8394 (ext 3257)