Immigration Partnership Campaigns

Immigration Partnership conducts public campaigns to raise awareness and promote the belonging of immigrants and refugees in the Huron County community.

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Newcomer Welcoming Week (September 2021)

Huron County Immigration Partnership, in collaboration with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and other Immigration Partnerships across Canada, proudly presented Newcomer Welcoming Week from September 10-19, 2021. For Huron County, Welcoming Week is about inspiring people to think about what we can do to ensure everyone–including newcomers and immigrants–thrives and feels welcomed. During Welcoming Week 2021, we affirm the importance of the values that unite us as neighbours, friends, and colleagues, regardless of where we come from.

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Humanizing Our Differences (Spring 2021)

Humanizing Our Differences is an informative online video series that engages with local experts and community members and is filled with conversations that explore lived experiences of diversity and immigration. The panel series provides clarity on concepts such as, equity, microaggression, privilege, and systemic racism, and it explores how these concepts are experienced in rural communities, and how individuals can recognize the role they play in creating a welcoming and inclusive community.

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Week 1: Why it Matters in Rural Ontario

Week 2: A Conversation About Awareness

Week 3: Conversations About Privilege

Week 4: A Conversation About Equity

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