We R Strategic: Starter Company Plus Success Story  

Maureen Cole is the founder of We R Strategic which offers strategic planning, consulting and coaching services for nonprofits and charities. A retired nurse and hospital administrator, Maureen knows the important place that nonprofits play in rural communities, from helping purchase costly equipment to providing much-needed support for the community to contributing to the economic growth of Huron County. Many residents of the county will rely on nonprofits and charities at some point in their lives and their contributions to the wellbeing of Huron County citizens are significant and remarkable. 

However, many nonprofits struggle to run the day-to-day operations while also creating a unified, strategic, and measurable plan. There is a desire and need for strategic planning that is based on the unique mission, vision, values, and goals of the organization and that each objective is measurable. With the Ontario Non-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) coming into effect in October 2024, many nonprofits are feeling the pressure to ensure they’ve met the new parliamentary rules and regulations to continue their work. Many nonprofits seek outside strategic planning support from large consulting firms, often from urban areas which come with costly price tags and don’t necessarily understand the nuances of rural Ontario. 

We R Strategic

We R Strategic seeks to fill this gap in the marketplace by offering consulting and coaching to help local nonprofits and charities continue to thrive in Huron County and the surrounding areas. 

We R Strategic emerged from Maureen’s participation in the Starter Company Plus Program, administered locally by Huron County Economic Development. “The program assisted me in developing a business plan and a marketing plan that aligns with my lifetime passion for helping people meet their full potential,” said Maureen.  

“Many cities such as London are including non-profits in their economic strategic plans, as they understand the value nonprofits place on housing, food insecurity and well-being. By being a sole proprietor, working out of my home, and having very efficient transportation, we could see I didn’t need to charge the high prices, and yet could deliver more in-person service and communication by attending board meetings and having community focus meetings.” 

Through the Starter Company Plus program and the process of creating a business plan, Maureen began to see that there was a need and space for her business in the market and local community.

“During the Starter Company Program, I was connected with a nonprofit group, looking for direction and I was able to assist them in applying for funding through the community resiliency funding and am now working with them to develop their strategic plan,” said Maureen.

“The Starter Company Plus program definitely helped me create that long-term plan for sustainability for We R Strategic and continues the regular check-ins and coaching. My advice to anyone thinking about starting or expanding a business would be to consult with the coaches at Huron County Economic Development. The team is always available to listen, help research the answer to questions or those bumps in the road you didn’t see coming, and help you navigate through them,” commented Maureen.


We R Strategic

“I’ve spent most of my life in Huron County. Rurally, we rely very heavily on nonprofits and charities for our quality of life. Sometimes you can’t put a dollar value on the work that service clubs do so that we have recreation facilities, equipment, mental health support and children’s programs. We have to rely on each other. And having a strategic plan includes having the systems in place so everyone is helping each other – we’re only as strong as our weakest link. And if a non-profit is struggling, we know those programs are going to struggle too,” explained Maureen. 

“I love when the light bulb goes on and board members get excited about what success would look like. This is what happens when we have a strategic plan, it allows the organization to get excited and get down to work.”

If you know a local not-for-profit, board members or volunteers who could benefit from We R Strategic’s services, reach out to Maureen via her website https://www.we-r-strategic.com/

Interested in being a part of the Starter Company Plus program? Click here for more information.

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