HopeWell Counselling: Starter Company Plus Success Story

Hopewell Counselling located in Blyth, Ontario offers a variety of counselling services including psychotherapy, faith-integrated counselling, and parenting consultations. Owner and Registered Social Worker Hannah Uyl launched the business last December with the intention to walk alongside clients and lend hope.

“When I was in grad school, I was taught that as a social worker, it’s our job to lend hope. And that really stuck with me,” said Hannah. “During the height of the pandemic, I was working with outpatients at a local hospital and people were really struggling. Then this image came to me of a hope well – the idea that there is limitless hope if we keep looking for it and finding it and sharing it with each other,” said Hannah.

HopeWell Counselling supports people from all walks of life who are dealing with a variety of struggles – from couples to individuals to young people, there’s many people who are part of “the walking wounded” – they are showing up for work, functioning in life, but are struggling deeply on the inside. 

HopeWell Counselling

Through counselling, Hannah has witnessed some of their clients experience profound shifts. “They’re getting along better with their partners, worrying less, feeling more like themselves, taking more chances, and going back into the dating world. They are able to look at some of the deeper issues, but best of all, they’re learning how to deal with emotions in healthy ways. Most people don’t know how to deal with complex emotions like anger or grief and need some help to learn what these emotions have to teach us,” said Hannah. HopeWell Counselling also helps clients improve healthy communication and parenting skills, working with parents, teens, and children. 

“Last November, I interviewed to be a part of the Starter Company Plus program with Huron County Economic Development. At that point, my business was just a burning dream. They really helped me get off the ground and go. Specifically, the one-to-one business coaching was amazing. There was so much cheerleading and helping me get to the next step. There are moments where I felt so overwhelmed, but the program taught me how to keep brainstorming, pivoting, and coming up with new ideas so things could work,” explained Hannah. 

Initially, Hanna launched the business offering virtual counselling, but it was when she shifted to focusing on in-person counselling that things really took off. “People from Huron County were flocking to book in times to work together. There is such a need for counselling services. I think we are an underserved community and to be able to provide local mental health services here is important to me,” Hannah commented. “This is where I live, this is where I want to work, and Huron County is where my family is. I want to keep my work local.”

If you or someone you know has been looking for a counsellor, Hannah advised potential clients to book a free 15-minute consultation. “Choosing the right counsellor is a lot like dating, it takes time to find the right person. It’s so important that it’s someone you connect with and trust and that you feel like you are on the same wavelength,” advised Hannah.


HopeWell Counselling

Besides launching a new business in six months, Hannah has also created a workbook and journal that is designed to offer clients a place to capture their journey. Titled My Life in Therapy: A Therapist-Designed Workbook and Journal Created for You is available on Amazon.

To connect with Hannah and learn more about HopeWell Counselling, book a free 15-minute consultation by visiting livehopewell.ca.

Thinking of starting a business in Huron County? Check out the Starter Company Plus program to learn more. 

HopeWell Counselling
HopeWell Counselling
HopeWell Counselling

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