Boundary Roasting: Starter Company Plus Success Story

Boundary Roasting Co. is a family business founded by Arend and Paige Haverkamp. Located on the boundary between Huron and Perth Counties, this micro roastery transparently sources coffee from Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, and Honduras. Their locally roasted coffee is available from their online shop, local retailers and for pickup at their farm.

Avid travellers, Paige and Arend can still remember the cups of coffee they had that really stood out and left an impression on them. “I’ve had a passion for coffee ever since I went to Australia where the coffee culture is incredible. I wondered why we don’t have anything like this at home?” said primary roaster, Arend.

Together Paige and Arend realized there was an unknown need for better coffee in rural Ontario. People want to know where their coffee is coming from and that the farmers are being paid well for their beans. 

Boundary Roasting Co.

“Beans from different origins taste incredibly different. It’s kind of like craft beer – there are so many variations that can have a dramatic impact on the flavour – the soil, the elevation the beans are grown in, the fermentation and processing all affect the taste of each bean,” explained Paige. 

About five years ago Arend began roasting coffee beans in a kitchen wok on the stovetop. What began as a hobby continued to evolve as Arend switched to roasting in an air popcorn popper, to a toaster oven with a bingo cage, to a 1 kg, and now 5 kg professional coffee roaster. 

Throughout the five years, the couple started sharing their beans with friends and neighbours and began wondering if they could turn the hobby into a business. “We thought, maybe we could make a go of this,” said Arend. 

“Because of the Starter Company Program, we opened in April 2023. If not, it would have taken us a lot longer to get going and start making money,” said Paige. 

“It was very helpful and the ongoing support kept us on track. We learned how to build a business plan and understand our operational costs, profits, etc. These pieces have been really helpful to make sure we have a successful business model. Plus, the coaches in the program were extremely encouraging and willing to dig in and provide support without judgement.”

Both Paige and Arend commented that some of the key skills they developed in the program were embracing a growth mindset and resilience. “Some of the speakers told us even if you feel like you’ve failed at one aspect, it doesn’t mean you give up. It’s just a learning opportunity and to take it with a grain of salt, learn from any mistakes and keep going.”

The founders also appreciated other aspects of the program including the networking opportunities and the grant funding. Having participated in the Starter Company Plus program, Boundary Roasting Co. has been invited to participate in several festivals and tourism summits, providing opportunities to engage with the public and get the word out about their business.

Boundary Roasting Co. Coffee

“It’s a small town, rural-kind-of-thing to put your trust in your neighbours. People want to support each other and we’re thankful for our repeat customers who keep coming back week after week and our retail partners who took a gamble on our products. They put their trust in us to provide a good product and hearing that people enjoy our coffee makes it all worth it,” said Arend.

Community is really important to Boundary Roasting Co. as Arend and Paige have worked hard to establish a high level of transparency of where their coffee beans come from. “Our importers have incredible relationships with the farmers who produce the beans. The coffees we source are traceable to their origins, right down to co-operative or farm. It is purchased for a premium price which allows coffee farmers and co-operatives to improve their social and environmental practices,” explained Paige.

Keep your eyes out for Boundary Roasting Co. at local markets and check out their online store at

Thinking of starting a business in Huron County? Check out the Starter Company Plus program to learn more. 


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