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Huron County is located in southwestern Ontario, on the coast of Lake Huron. Within driving distance of Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo, and London, Huron County is bordered by Perth County, Wellington County, Middlesex-London, Lambton County, and Grey-Bruce.


Huron County’s natural heritage is an integral part of our cultural landscape. There are more than 30 established conservation areas, community parks, forests, swamps, and wildlife areas.

There are two kinds of forest regions in Huron County: the deciduous forest region and the mixed forest region. The specific combination of climate, forest ecosystems, and wildlife species define each region.

The mixed forest region of southern and central Ontario, the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forest region, is the second largest forest in Ontario. Containing a wide range of tree and shrub species, this forest extends along the St. Lawrence River across central Ontario to Lake Huron. In this region, coniferous trees mix with deciduous broad-leaved species, such as yellow birch, and sugar and red maples. This forest contains many species of fungi, ferns, mosses, and shrubs.

The lakes, rivers, streams, brooks, and creeks of Huron County sustain our economy and influence our quality of life. They provide us with water for drinking, irrigation and industrial processes, and food and recreation. As well, Huron County has beautiful freshwater beaches which visitors and residents alike have been drawn to for generations to enjoy miles of sand and blue waters.


The climate of southern Ontario and Huron County can be considered one of the mildest of any region in Canada because of the moderating effects of the Lake Huron. Ontario has four distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter. Spring is a brief period of rain, wind and melting snow, generally cool in temperature. Summer is hot and at times humid; fall is brisk, with sun-filled days and cool evenings. Winter is very cold, requiring extra outdoor clothing, and lasts from four to five months.

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