Ready to Re-Open Huron

Ready to Re-Open Huron

In an effort to help both businesses and the general public connect to the most current information and to encourage consumer confidence, the County of Huron has launched the Ready to Re-Open Huron recognition program available at no cost to all businesses within Huron County.

What is Ready to Re-Open Huron?

Ready to Re-Open Huron is a program to help businesses and the public prepare for commerce in “the new normal.”

Recognized businesses are committed to implementing industry best practices to keep their employees and customers safe!

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How do businesses participate in this program?

To learn more about how your business can participate in the Ready to Re-Open Huron program, click the link below.

Who are the participating businesses?

For a list of all the participating businesses, please see the link below.

Ready to Re-Open Huron Webinars

No webinars currently running.  If demand for these sessions increases as we enter the second wave, we will consider running again.

In previous sessions, each webinar provides the same universal content (with the latest updates each time) as well as a Q&A session with industry experts. To become recognized as Ready to Re-Open Huron, businesses must participate in one webinar.

Why is the County of Huron undertaking this program?

The program is aimed to help both businesses and the general public connect to the most current information and to provide consumer confidence in Huron County.

It will assist the general public by:

  • Sharing the names of businesses that have pledged to keep themselves armed with the most up-to-date health and safety information to guide those businesses in reopening;
  • Helping consumers feel more comfortable visiting recognized businesses.

It will assist businesses by:

  • Arming them with the most up-to-date information and guidance on what reasonable steps should be taken when reopening their businesses and how to make their workplaces reasonably safe for employees and customers/clients;
  • Connecting them with individuals and organizations that can act as resources if they have additional questions or concerns (i.e. Huron Perth Public Health (HPPH), Workplace Prevention and Safety Services (WSPS);
  • Helping make the general public feel safe when visiting businesses that are recognized by the Ready to Re-Open Huron program, thereby increasing sales at those businesses;
  • Assisting employees to feel safe returning to their workplace.
  • Ready to Re-Open Huron is not a certification or inspection program.
  • Neither the county nor its program partners can guarantee any level of safety or adherence to guidelines at participating businesses.
  • The aim of the program is to connect consumers to businesses that have self-committed to implementing best practices for their industry as the economy re-opens.

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